30 November 2008

Thats it!

I love my daughter, I love her more than I ever thought possible and while there were times during my pregnancy I was ready to call it quits, I'd do it all over again. With that said, she is very high maintenance, with today being one of those days where I couldn't put her down. Not only would she fuss if I did, but she would get herself into such a tizzy with her ear-piercing screams that there would be moments where she wouldn't be breathing, as if she was taking a second to muster up as much energy as she could to put into her rage. It breaks me heart when she gets like that, but it is also frustrating because I sit and helplessly watch as the tumble furs flutter across the floor, laughing at me since they know I am unable to catch them because my hands are occupied. I then think of the toilets that need cleaning, the tubs that need scrubbing, the dishes waiting to be put away, the laundry piling up in the buckets (albeit clean laundry), and on and on. I am able to get her diapers washed and at least one meal in (heating dinner right now), and I consider myself lucky if I find time to do anything else. So, knowing that I will be returning to work in a few weeks, I am going to discuss with my husband that we have a few options as of now - 1) since he will be off on 2 week days while Ruby is in daycare, HE can be responsible to take care of the chores, 2) get someone to watch Ruby on Saturday or Sunday so I / we can get the house cleaned, or 3) we're going to hire a housekeeper. If it's not stressful enough having to deal with Ruby when the colic monster is visiting, its so much worse if my house is in shambles - especially when I'm alone. I'm not sure how we go about finding a housekeeper, but I have 3 weeks to figure it out.

I don't know how other people do it and I feel a little bit like a failure to think about it, but whatever we are doing right now is not working an I need some cleanliness to keep my sanity! Le sigh...

So, dear husband of mine, you have a choice to make, because if you leave it up to me, we're hiring a housekeeper!


Jess said...

Ask your neighbors who they use! Having a housekeeper is so worth it!

Cassie said...

Ohhh, I remember those days. Andrew had days like that where he didn't want to be held, but he DID want to be held, etc. etc. I remember him screaming without breathing a few times, which is so scary and unnerving, isn't it? Maybe she's going through a growth spurt? Who knows, babies are so ridiculously hard to figure out sometimes!

I am in a similar situation. Joe and I don't share days off, so I'm with Andrew by myself on the weekends, which doesn't leave me a lot of time to clean. I will tell you, it'll get better as Ruby gets older, because there will be a lot more things to distract her -- like the Jumperoo, that thing is AMAZING. You bought one, right?

Anyway, still, it's sometimes all I can do to get laundry folded (doesn't help that I HATE to fold laundry) and tidy up the house. I would love to have a housekeeper, but it just isn't in our budget. So usually, I just clean after Andrew goes to bed at about 7:00. Not ideal, but at least I wake up to a clean house!