02 May 2009

What a month!

First - I'll come back and add pictures later.

April - Month Six of Ruby's life, and what a wild ride it has been! She went from sitting up for her six month pictures on April first, to crawling, to now already pulling up and sort of shuffling along the edge of things. Oh, and she got both her bottom teeth at the same time, and it feels as if her top teeth are getting ready to break through as well. My goodness! Add to that my going back to work on the 15th, another round of mastitis, the whole family having an upper respiratory infection, and the worries of Swine Flu - you can only imagine how little (think NONE) free time I've had! Beyond all the craziness though, it has been fun. I have been put in charge of a classroom of two year olds which has been an eye opening experience none the less. Rather than spending my days sitting at a desk watching the clock, I now monitor snack times, bathroom training, sing "If You're Happy and You Know It", and chase after kiddos for 8 hours. The monetary pay is MUCH less than working at TI, but the personal reward is so much greater. When first interviewing, my boss made it sound like she has high hopes for me to promote quickly since I have so much education (although the fact it is engineering doesn't seem to matter). And - for the first time in my career life, I actually WANT to promote. Sooooo - I have high hopes myself for where life is taking me. But for now, I have a mobile daughter who is requiring my attention, so any further updates will just have to wait.

Happy May everyone!