06 August 2011

I'm all in - who is with me?

I'm going all in. All in with Scentsy. I am setting my goals and making my plans, and I fully believe it is all possible. Spending the past few days at Scentsy's Fort Worth Stampede convention was inspiring, motivating, and made me realize just how lucky I am to be involved with such an amazing company with incredible products. Between the introductions of the new products, the recognition of top performers, and the great speakers (not to mention all the free give-aways!), I am ready! Ready to host, ready to sponsor, ready to buy, and ready to sell. It is not every day you get to be part of something you truly believe in, so yet one more reason I feel blessed. Between the incentive trip to the Dominican Republic, the leadership retreat in Riveria Maya Mexico, and next year's convention in Las Vegas, I am ready to build my team and help everyone earn some great trips!

So for those of you that don't know, here is a little more information about Scentsy as a company. It has a foundation of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. It is about real people leading busy lives willing to help one another. It started with a few simple ceramic warmers that use a light bulb to melt wax and release wonderful aromas - no wick, no fire, no soot, no smoke, and no worries of getting burned. Consultants are encourage to be themselves, sell in their own style, no need to try and be someone else. It is also a company that focuses on generosity, helping others - for example they raised $50,000 for the Tarrant Food Bank in the 3 days during convention. Add to that the money they've raised for various other causes and you can't help but realize how much the entire company cares about the community. Are you intrigued yet?

Finally, it is FUN being a consultant! I love the social aspect of helping host parties, witnessing great friends enjoying each other and seeing all the excitement as everyone helps the hostess pick out all her free items. I am eager to answer questions about our products, scents, and specials, as well as questions about how people can be a hostess or even join as a consultant. Add to that how much the company invests in their consultants, from company-wide training calls and on-line material to support we receive from our up-line or even other consultants. I've never felt so supported by another company before and to me, that means a lot.

With all that said, I am always looking for new hostesses and new recruits to join in. Joining is simple, click here, select the Join my Team link at the bottom right and follow the directions. It is $99 for the starter kit, which includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business from the testers and sample products, to catalogs and business cards. What makes this a slam-dunk is how fast most people earn back this initial investment, many with their first party! For those of you who are local, I will even be willing to help you with your first party to help secure more bookings AND earn back your $99 or more. You can't lose in the end. Ready to join?

If you still aren't sure, then lets make a deal: just host a party. Pick a date, invite your friends, earn all the free and half price credits. If at the end of the party you want to sign up, I'll give you the party. All the commission, the bookings, and you can use the free and half price credits as well. You are guaranteed to come out ahead. And what is even better - you can join me in Las Vegas, Mexico, AND the Dominican Republic! Let's go!
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