10 July 2011

Who wants money?

I do I do!!! And I would bet you do too. The best part? Its simple. Scentsy. Think about it, if you have to buy a gift and you're not sure what to get someone, how often do you buy some sort of candle or lotion or other scented item for them? Look around your house, how many candles or Scentsy items do you have? How many have you received for a gift? How often do you see cars with air fresheners hanging in them (I bet your car has one right now)? How often do you see parents using antibacterial gel? How often do you see children with stuffed animals or give stuffed animals as a gift? The are EVERYWHERE! Why not take advantage of it and make a little extra spending cash while doing it?

Scentsy is an amazing company to be part of and in all honesty, their products sell themselves. Scentsy offers a variety of training and various incentives - they just had a huge group earn free trips to Disney including spending money. Are you even slightly interested yet? Everyone seems to have their own Scentsy story - I know one of the Directors I've talked to even won a car. They do incentive trips every year as well as conventions (this year is in Ft Worth).

How do you join? What is involved? Any other things to know? Well, here you go:

Signing up is EASY - click on my website, select the "Join my team" link and follow the instructions. The starter kit is $99 and includes everything you'll need to get started. What's even better - commission starts at 20% meaning you'll earn this cost back with your first $500 in sales, and a $500 party is pretty average so it happens quickly, at which point you are already ahead of where you started! If you quit now, you would not be out any money PLUS have a bunch of Scentsy stuff you could still use or give to another consultant - so whats to lose?

Another wonderful thing about Scentsy - how may of you have ever bought a full size Yankee candle? How much did you spend? Now, what do you have left once you've used the wax? Nothing. Your whole investment goes into the trash. Not the same with Scentsy - you purchase the beautiful warmers and then for $5 or less, you get the wax, which can be used over and over and over again and the scents are extremely simple to change. If and when you have exhausted all the scent from the wax, you through it away but keep the warmer. It turns into a much better investment this way. The same goes for the car fresheners Scentsy offers - buy the hanger and the matching scent spray, then just respray your hanger anytime you need it refreshed instead of having to buy a new hanger every few weeks. Again, a much better deal.

Are you ready yet? Let me know if you have any questions and when you are ready to start. I'll even help you host your first party if you'd like and will offer all the support I can. I love what I do and I know you will too.

Happy Smelling!!!