30 September 2008

Almost done

Thank goodness. Pebbles is still being stubborn, so I go in tonight to begin my induction. I'm a little freaked out but oh so ready. My fingers are so swollen right now that typing this hurts, she's beating up my insides, and I just feel like poo. I was hoping to spend the day cuddling and just enjoy my last day with my husband before we have anyone else to worry about, but at this point I feel so miserable I just want to be done. So with that, I expect my next post to seriously include more information on Pebbles, including pictures and a name. Hang tight until then!

26 September 2008

Being responsible

On taking a hint from my sister-in-law, I'm going to revise my 101 Things to do in 1,0001 Days by replacing the items that cost money with alternative goals. This means stuff like replacing our cabinets and such - those things that while I would like to do them, they just don't make sense in our lives right now between the downturn in the economy and with our new focus needing to be on Pebbles. So, while we hope that this down turn just means that we get to buy more with our 401(k) and get a better deal on our retirement funds, we still need to be smart about our spending NOW and prepare to take care of our family, knowing that there is always a chance that by the time we want to retire, we may not be able to. It really is a scary thought and while it is several, SEVERAL years away, we can't just ignore it. I've spent times where I was counting my pennies and dimes to see how many taco's I could get at Taco Bell and I don't want to go back to that. My husband and I have done our best to live well within our means so that we were never put in a situation where we REALLY had to worry about money. I'll also admit that lately, we've sort of lost track in keeping up with the budget and I think it is more important now than ever for us to try and get back on track. I know we're not in trouble yet, but since no one knows whats going to happen tomorrow, a little more preparation and planning for what-ifs will help ease my mind some.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry this update doesn't include the great news of Pebbles' birth, but I think its important to get out there while its on my mind - so now I'm off to update my goals and get our budget back in order! Stay tuned, because Pebbles WILL be coming soon!

25 September 2008

Safety first

Looking around at various safety items, we decided to go with these safety plate covers (by Mommy's Helper). From everything that I've found, they are easy to use AND seem to be the safest option. Once you pull the plug out, they immediately snap closed and restrict access to the plug. I did see a few comments about some looser plugs having a harder time staying in, but safety is more important so we'll have to figure it out. They are quite a bit more expensive than the standard little plastic plug in things, but its worth it to keep Pebbles safe.

Meanwhile, we'll need to still get pinch guards and table guards and all those other wonderful items to keep Pebbles from getting into cabinets and falling into the toilet. I'm not sure what pinch guards to get since the one's I've seen are used on the door handle side, but don't hold the door open enough to keep her little fingers from getting squashed in the hinged side. Maybe that won't be an issue, but I'm still going to do a little more research. As for the table guards, it seems the foam pipe covers is recommended and MUCH cheaper than those guards specifically made for toddlers and way over priced.

And on another note, this is the gate we are hoping to get to keep Pebbles away from the kitty litter, but still allow our furballs access. Funny thing - we figure we'll have to take Tuggles with us to the pet store to make sure he can FIT through the little door. I mean, he is 18 pounds with a head the size of a grapefruit!

Well, thats it for now! Keep your fingers cross that my next post is AFTER Pebbles is here and includes her name and cute little pictures! If not, I'm sure it will be soon.

24 September 2008

The latest dilemna

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Evenflo Smartsteps Exersaucer

The big question is which one do we get, or is it worth getting both? They both have glowing reviews so I doubt we'd be disappointed with either one. In the end, its just money right? Ughh! I know I can wait, but we still have our 10% off coupon to use as Babies R Us so ideally we could pick it up when we use that coupon, but maybe we should just wait. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Please, if you have any advice, let me know!

23 September 2008

Nope. Nothing. Nada.

We should have known from the 3D ultrasound, we've got a stubborn one on our hands. The doctor said I've made no progress towards having pebbles in the past few weeks. I'm in the exact same position I was 3 weeks ago and so is pebbles. Ughh. I'm so ready to just be DONE. Soooo, I have my last doctor appointment scheduled for next Monday and then I'm scheduled for an induction on Wednesday October 1st, which is sort of bittersweet. Sure I can still go into labor and have her before then, but since its more common for first time moms to go overdue and since I'm showing no progress on my own, I'm planning for October 1st. And why do I say its bittersweet? Well, if I have the choice between September 28th and October 1st, I pick October first since really, October is my absolute favorite month. Its the month I get engaged in, its the month I got married in, and growing up in Michigan, it was the month it really started feeling like fall and you prepared for the holidays. Yeah, it sucks to have to wait, but honestly, I'm even more excited at the thought of her having an October birthday - does that make me crazy?

19 September 2008

A little of this, a little of that

Here is another post full of random tidbits.

Bed rest: A Typical Day

My husband is currently on his day shift rotation for training, which means the alarm goes off at 4:30 am. I'm not even sure I knew this time existed before, but I've quickly learned it does - the sun is not up, there is no sign of life, the radio is filled with music and not your normal morning talk, and the news isn't even on yet. It is quite a strange time if you ask me, but so be it. Now, before bed rest, when I was still waiting for my alarm to go off around 6:30am, which was always too early for me, I would make sure my husband was up and then go back to sleep. I mean, 4:30am was just way too early to even think about getting up. But yeah, now that my schedule has changed a little and I don't have to worry about getting up, battling through the shower and teethbrushing that usually ends up with me gagging and possibly getting sick, and then sitting in the car for 45 minutes while driving to work, now, when I can actually stay in bed and sleep until about 7:30am or so and then just mosey into the living room in time to log on for work by 8am, well now, now I can't sleep once the alarm goes off at 4:30am. So I lay in bed while he gets ready for work, giggling at my cats picking on one another and talking to my husband as he runs around like a zombie getting ready for work. He'll leave about 5am and I finally get up and plop my butt onto the couch, turn on the morning news (because 5am is finally late enough for the news to start) and turn my computer on. I spend the next few hours browsing on the internet (catching up on blogs, checking out my baby forums, other random searching), watching the news, eating breakfast, cuddling with my kitties, and snoozing in and out on the couch. Around 7-7:30am I start my work at home time, taking my breaks for lunch and to hear updates from my husband as the day goes on, and some more kitty cuddles since they force themselves into my lap and make typing a little difficult. What is funny is I still feel like I get more done here than when I'm sitting at my desk, even with my attention hungry furballs. My husband gets home usually close to 4pm so I'm able to finish up what I'm working on while he showers, checks email, and does whatever he does to wind down from the day. Our evenings are spent together, we figure out dinner, and the only real change here is that we're usually in bed by 9:30pm so we can do it all over again the next day.

Now, let me explain the most difficult part of this - staying off my feet! I mean, even riding in the car to pick something up to eat I notice how quickly my fingers and feet begin to swell, so obviously this whole bed rest thing is doing its thing, and you might think "Wow! I wish I was prescribed rest and relaxation, I would love it!". On one hand, it is nice to know that sitting around with my feet up is truly what's best for me, but on the other hand, its so hard not DO things - like cooking and dishes and laundry and all those things I want to do to keep the house clean. It's hard to sit and watch my husband clean up the kitchen, I feel so GUILTY. Luckily, my husband is a wonderful man and was with me when the doctor told me to get off my feet and rest, so rather than resent me, he makes sure I'm following the "rules" and he does what he can to ensure the house is taken care of. The best part of it all? He keeps asking "Is the baby coming yet?" with this look of excitement in his eyes that tells me this question has nothing to do with him having to take care of the house until she's here but that he's so excited about the birth of his daughter and getting his wife back that he can hardly stand it. These are the moments where I'm looking more forward to seeing him with Pebbles than I am about holding her myself. These are also the moments when I think to myself that once Pebbles IS here, we may have to hire a housekeeper because I have a feeling we are both going to be so excited / thrilled / overwhelmed / tired when she's here that neither of us will be interested in emptying the dishwasher and swiffering the floors. Oh well, only time will tell!

Autumn is almost here

And I am soooo ready for it! The weather has slowly been getting cooler here in the wonderful DFW area - our highs are now in the 80's instead of the triple digits and the low's are in the 50's. We're almost to the point where I can leave the windows open all day (which I love!). What I'm also looking forward to is FALL FOODS - chili and lasagna and chicken and dumplings, hooray! I'm not sure how things will go when Pebbles first gets here, but I hope it settles down enough in a short period of time that I can utilize my maternity leave to do some serious cooking, not only on the weekends but during the week as well. I'm ready to start trying new recipes again, baking cookies, and basically spoiling my husband (and his family). Although, one flaw in THAT plan is if he does end up back on evening shift for the rest of the year, that would mean he's gone from about 2pm to about 10:30pm - so no dinner waiting on the table for him. I guess in that case I might be able to increase my breakfast recipes. I am keeping my hopes up a LITTLE bit that he ends up on days though, since they are having another guy who is promoting next week I think which means his department needs to ensure their schedules work together (since they don't want them over the same shift they came from while they are establishing their new role). So, while I'm not expecting it, I can still hope.

What is even better than all the great weather and fall foods though is that the holidays are right around the corner, and I love the holidays! I need to have my husband get the Halloween decorations out of the attic so they are all ready to put up (and we all know I'll start putting a few items out once he gets them down). I'm not sure what we are going to do with Pebbles for Halloween yet, I'm still leaning more towards a Halloween themed onesies or outfit verses an actual costume, but who knows. I am hoping to either take her on a short walk early evening to show her off on Halloween, of if my husband is working, we'll meet up with him for dinner. I know, BIG dreams since she could be quite the fussy little thing making any of these great plans more of a headache than anything else, but one can hope. And then there is Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas and to take Pebbles to get some cute pictures and everything. I am actually hoping we can get a nice family picture done this year, so here's to hoping Pebbles cooperates and that my double chin goes away. I guess there is always photo shop though!

Pregnancy rambling

A few things I'll miss once Pebbles is here:

1. No kitty litter duty
2. Never feeling cold
3. Not worrying about my weight
4. Having strangers offer help with everything
5. The anticipation and dreaming of having a baby

A few things I won't miss:

1. Bumping my belly on EVERYTHING
2. How hard showering and brushing my teeth can be
3. The swelling
4. The gymnastics involved in putting pants on
5. Not being able to enjoy sushi or adult beverages

A few things I've learned since getting knocked up:

1. I've become a much more conservative driver
2. I don't miss the bar
3. People lose all sense of appropriateness when it comes to pregnant women (I'm amazed at how easily people are willing to touch my stomach and the questions they ask)
4. How judgemental people can be about personal decisions (like how you feed your child and what type of birth you want)
5. 9 months is both a REALLY LONG time and a REALLY SHORT time

A few things I know I'm being naive about but can't help it (I'm being optimistic, please don't burst my bubble!):

1. My husband and I will be able to work happily together to soothe Pebbles and ward off colic
2. Cloth diapering is going to be easy and we'll have no trouble sticking with it (with which we'll be able to avoid blow-outs, leaking, and diaper rash)
3. I'll be able to avoid supplementing with formula and won't struggle too much with pain from feedings
4. I'll be able to cook and clean while on maternity leave
5. Pebbles will use all the clothing we have for her before outgrowing it

I know it is going to be hard and things won't work out even close to how we expect them to, but I have complete faith that my husband and I will do just fine in the end. Right now we are just ready to start this next chapter in our lives, so come on Pebbles, show yourself!

Totally random thoughts

I miss my family. I love that we live close to my in-laws and that we get along so well, but I still miss having my family close. I feel like they are going to miss out on Pebbles and that Pebbles is going to miss out on them.

I'm scared my cats are going to get neglected once Pebbles is here.

I can't wait to take Pebbles to Michigan in October to get fresh cider and donuts, go to a real pumpkin patch, and enjoy a true Fall.

I'm scared of needles. I cry when they show me the needle, before they even touch me with it. I thought I'd outgrow this fear when I grew up - so either I won't outgrow it or I haven't grown up.

I'm addicted to apples. Braeburn, Cameo, Crisp Pink, Fuji. Plain, with caramel, in salad - you name it. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.

Thats all.

17 September 2008

Neatest toy EVER!!!

Its hard to tell from the image, but these Fisher Price Alphabet "Peek-a-Blocks" are the coolest! I added them to our registry one day when I was looking for toys available "in store", so I hadn't even seen them in person (but knew I wanted some alphabet blocks for Pebbles). Luckily for us, one of my husbands generous coworkers picked these up for us. My husband even called me from work to ask me about them since he thought they were so neat. They all have little items in them (like the "D" block has ducks) and they are all so cute! I started researching them a little more and all the reviews I can find RAVE about these, so I'm even more excited now. And what's even better? They sell several different sets of these peek-a-blocks, so don't tell Pebbles, but I'm sure I'll be picking up some more sets for her (us) this Christmas. It's nice to already have ideas of stuff to get her that will eventually be "fun" for her instead of stuff like clothes and such.

Anyhow, I got so excited about these that I just had to share!

15 September 2008

Bed rest

What does 7 lbs in 7 days and sausage fingers get you? Oh, and a little protein in your pee - it gets you put on bed rest and blood drawn. TOTALLY didn't expect my appointment to go like that today, but so be it. I've been miserable today and my fingers have ached the past couple days so a few days to lay in bed and rest is probably a good thing, although even with a doctor's note I still feel guilty- why is that?

We also scheduled the induction so if she doesn't come naturally, then we're going in on October 1st to try and convince her to come out. While I didn't show much progress at today's appointment, I think I've started to feel some contractions tonight so I have hope we can go normally - but who knows. She could come tonight and we're ready, but then again, if she waits until October 1st, well that's a pretty good day as well.

So, I'm off to bed now. I'll keep you updated as soon as there is more to update!

07 September 2008

Full term!

Hooray! I am officially "full term" (37 weeks) and we are almost completely set to drop in baby. We had our last shower yesterday, and everyone was more than generous at all 3, I can't say enough thank you's! I am hoping to finish the last of the laundry today, as well as try to finish straightening up the nursery. We put together everything we got yesterday - stroller, pack'n'play, etc. We bought / ordered the last of the big and / or necessary items today, so now its just little things here and there - woohoo!!! Our swing and baby monitors are on their way, the wet bags and diaper pail liner are in transit, and a breastfeeding book is on order. My husband is going to have the car seat base installed in his vehicle probably Tuesday, and will then come home and we'll install the other base in my car - so that will be all set. Our hospital bag has been started, and I am hoping to complete it today, or at least have all the items I have here in it and create a list of what needs to be purchased, as well as the "grab before you go" list. Its really hard to believe its almost here, since September seemed like forever far away.

Anyhow, here is a list of some of the items we got / ordered and why:

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing

This swing seemed to get great reviews on every site I looked at (4.5 out of 5 stars at Babies R Us from 691 ratings - seemed a good sample to me!). Apparently it has a light in the mobile and the mobile swings with the swing instead of just spinning. It also has the option to swing both forward and backward as well as side to side, which I was told is perfect. It obviously has various swing speeds and sounds too. The only thing I wish is that it plugged in instead of taking batteries, but you can't win them all!

Graco Ultra Clear II 49mHz Baby Monitor

We're gone back and forth on several different monitors. Some of the things we WANTED: dual monitors, both lights and sounds, rechargeable, good reviews, not super expensive. Some of the things we were not concerned with: video monitors, the angel detection set (pad in crib to detect breathing. We started out looking at the Fisher Price Lights and Sounds - Baby Bargains gave it good reviews, but all the reviews on Target.com were awful. Then we switched to the Sony 900MHz, but then I couldn't find one with 2 handsets and my husband really wants 2. So, back to researching. Finally I found the Graco one, which has lights and sounds, has dual handsets, has great reviews, is not really expensive (~$38) - but takes batteries. Off all the things we wanted, I guess the batteries vs. rechargeable was the easiest to give up. (And I got free shipping - woohoo!) While i can't give a review on these yet, again, most of the online reviews were positive - so I'm satisfied.

Graco Snugride Infant Carseat

It seems the infant seat is better than starting with a convertible seat, since it is built specifically for infants and is therefore safer then a convertible as far as fit. However, this car seat also has a snap n go base so you are not struggling with fastening your child in and getting them out of the car seat through the car door - it seems like it will make moving a baby in and out of the car a lot easier. This was important to me because I've had several parents tell me they had to take car trips to help soothe their child, which means once she's asleep, we can leave her in the carseat when we take her out of the car - and hopefully she keeps sleeping. This also (as noted in my previous posts) fits right into our stroller - again making the transition easy. Baby Bargains gave these a great review as did everyone else I talked to. And ours is really cute! Oh - one more thing, the seat is curved slightly on the bottom so that it can rock when placed on the floor, or you can use the handle to sort of lock it in place.

Playtex Drop-In Bottles

While I know my little Pebbles may decide she does NOT like these, I am really hoping she does. I received one free one in the mail, and my MIL should be getting one in the near future as well. We also picked up another couple which were being clearanced out at a local store - so these kinda chose me. HOWEVER, since they use the disposable liners, I don't have to worry about the whole BPA in the bottle since the liquid will never touch the bottle (and since our daycare is anti-glass bottles). Also, I've seen a variety of reviews where lactation consultants actually recommend these bottles and since we are hoping to do both breast feeding and bottle feeding, it seems like this would be less of a concern when it came to worrying about nipple confusion (or so I hope). Finally, since the bags sort of deflate as the baby drinks, they say there is less gas issues - which of course is a bonus.

Britax Roundabout Convertible Carseat

Once Pebbles is out of her infant seat, we're planning on using this model. Again, Baby bargains gave it great reviews as did everyone online. The roundabout is a little smaller with a slight lower weight limit than the Marathon, but how many 65lb kids still need a carseat (and I have a smaller car so space is an issue. And, of course, they have the most awesome Cowmooflage pattern, and since I love cows, how could I not?

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

I have to go back to work and since I am hoping to stick with the whole breastfeeding thing, I'll obviously need to pump at work. Most of the recommendations I saw on thenest.com were for the Medela Pump in Style, but the more I researched other sites, the more people I saw give the Lansinoh one excellent reviews (4.5 out of 5 starts on Target.com from 221 reviews), saying it works just as well but is much less expensive. It does NOT come with a tote bag, which for me was a bonus since it allowed me to pick something cute (Small BabySac in pink / black). This one has adjustable speeds and suction, and only has 3 pieces that require washing. The motor and suction tubing are self-contained so yo don't have to worry about getting milk into them. I was also recommended to purchase this at drugstore.com since they seem to have the best price. I don't have this yet since i want to make sure I will need it, but as of now, this is the one I plan to get.

There you have it, my list of items including the reasons we are getting them. I hope to post more of a report of how I like them in the future, after we get to use them of course. Feel free to ask about any of these items or even what we are doing for anything else. Now I'm off to do something a little more production around the house - like start the laundry!
Happy Sunday to everyone!

05 September 2008

Case closed

The stroller saga has been closed. I learned it had been discontinued, although no one contacted me from the store I was registered with, but that is another story. When I called the store to ask if they by chance had any in stock, I was told they had the floor model and that was it. I went today and inspected it, and now its sitting all folded up in my trunk. Hooray!

And thanks for the suggestions, I knew I could get one of the strollers that help the carseat, but I REALLY wanted this matching stroller and I wasn't ready to give up yet. (Leo's are known for being stubborn!) So anyhow, my little, personal crisis has been addressed and fixed and I'm once again happy.

On a side note, I think Pebbles has dropped. I'm no doctor, but the babydoll band on my dresses are no longer wedged between my belly and bra, and it feels like I've been kicked in the pubic bone. Pregnancy is so much fun (note sarcasm here). Luckily, I don't have TOO much longer to go. Hooray #2!

03 September 2008

Help needed!!!

The Graco Mosaic stroller in Giselle pattern we fell in love with (and matches AND accepts our matching car seat) has mysteriously disappeared from our registry, not as in purchased, but as in the store doesn't even have it listed anymore. Okay, no big deal, I'll just order it online.




Aaaack!!! I can't find ANYWHERE that has this stroller in stock. The best I've found is a place that has it back ordered ... until DECEMBER!!! Pebbles will be here in the next few weeks, i don't want to wait until DECEMBER. I'm going to call the stores tomorrow to see if anyone has any left by chance, but I'm getting quite upset that we can find this. Sooo - I ask you to help me search and see if you can find this stroller IN STOCK and let me know. I'm actually quite bummed by it now ... drats! And thanks in advance for anyone that helps look, I do appreciate it!