23 September 2008

Nope. Nothing. Nada.

We should have known from the 3D ultrasound, we've got a stubborn one on our hands. The doctor said I've made no progress towards having pebbles in the past few weeks. I'm in the exact same position I was 3 weeks ago and so is pebbles. Ughh. I'm so ready to just be DONE. Soooo, I have my last doctor appointment scheduled for next Monday and then I'm scheduled for an induction on Wednesday October 1st, which is sort of bittersweet. Sure I can still go into labor and have her before then, but since its more common for first time moms to go overdue and since I'm showing no progress on my own, I'm planning for October 1st. And why do I say its bittersweet? Well, if I have the choice between September 28th and October 1st, I pick October first since really, October is my absolute favorite month. Its the month I get engaged in, its the month I got married in, and growing up in Michigan, it was the month it really started feeling like fall and you prepared for the holidays. Yeah, it sucks to have to wait, but honestly, I'm even more excited at the thought of her having an October birthday - does that make me crazy?


Cassie said...

I'm so glad you posted -- I was wondering about you. Sorry to hear that you've made no progress. I don't think wanting her to have an October birthday is crazy -- October 1 would be a great day to be born! I was due May 28 but I was hoping to go into early June because I prefer numbers 10 and below...I still lucked out and had him on May 10! Does that make ME crazy? LOL

April said...

Just remember the longer she cooks in there the better! October IS a great month for a birthday! Enjoy these last few weeks of uninterrupted sleep! ;-)
Good luck on your induction- I was induced with Mason and it was easy breezy (with an epidural of course!) lol

Kristin :) said...

Hey lady! October is the greatest month for birthdays!! If you could even wait until the 20th, then that would be the best day possible... We could share the same b-day! :) Sorry to hear that things aren't progressing that quickly... I've been thinking about you... Miss you much! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's an October baby! :)

Stacy said...

Hey. I was exactly one week past my due date for Kaden. I was lucky enough to be past due and trying to walk (because that's something they say helps move things along), well I walked through the malls the day after Thanksgiving, past due, and trying to move things along. Let me tell you some people are rude when it comes to moving out of an overdue pregnant woman's way! ;)

Also, Kaden had the Rainforest one. He loved it and so did I! I think it helps build leg strength more then the stand up ones. Well, good luck!! I can't wait to see pics when she FINALLY decides to arrive!

Amanda and Anthony said...

There's nothing wrong with September 29! It's a great day to have a b-day -- I've had many on that day and can't complain!! :)

Good luck and I hope you're feeling well. I've been thinking about you and Baby!!