03 September 2008

Help needed!!!

The Graco Mosaic stroller in Giselle pattern we fell in love with (and matches AND accepts our matching car seat) has mysteriously disappeared from our registry, not as in purchased, but as in the store doesn't even have it listed anymore. Okay, no big deal, I'll just order it online.




Aaaack!!! I can't find ANYWHERE that has this stroller in stock. The best I've found is a place that has it back ordered ... until DECEMBER!!! Pebbles will be here in the next few weeks, i don't want to wait until DECEMBER. I'm going to call the stores tomorrow to see if anyone has any left by chance, but I'm getting quite upset that we can find this. Sooo - I ask you to help me search and see if you can find this stroller IN STOCK and let me know. I'm actually quite bummed by it now ... drats! And thanks in advance for anyone that helps look, I do appreciate it!


Meg said...

Maybe you already thought about this, but you could just get a snap-n-go stroller which will last you at least 5-6 months until baby girl is out of her infant carrier. :)

Craigslist: http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/bab/815445991.html

Cassie said...

I was going to say the same thing Meg said about the snap-n-go. Looks like she had better luck with the search than I did, though. The only ones I saw were the ones you found that are backordered until December.

I'll keep looking, though!

Anonymous said...

I came accross your site by accident....and I don't know wher eyou are from. But in Fargo we have Once Upon a child which is a kids consignment store, but they have new strollers/carseats and things like that, and the one here in fargo has that stroller in black and pink(in stock)