24 September 2008

The latest dilemna

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Evenflo Smartsteps Exersaucer

The big question is which one do we get, or is it worth getting both? They both have glowing reviews so I doubt we'd be disappointed with either one. In the end, its just money right? Ughh! I know I can wait, but we still have our 10% off coupon to use as Babies R Us so ideally we could pick it up when we use that coupon, but maybe we should just wait. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Please, if you have any advice, let me know!


Meg said...

I saw about 8 of these rainforest jumperoos at the JBF sale in NRH this morning. Buy used! :)

Jess said...

We have both! Like Meg said, go look at JBF and see if you can get a used jumperoo and get a new saucer! Hurry up and have that baby ok!?!?

April said...

we have the rainforest jumparoo & Mason LOVED the thing. he used it up to about 10 months- i swear he tried bouncing himself out of the thing!

Cassie said...

We have the Jumperoo, too -- were using it when Andrew's feet didn't even touch the ground yet -- and he LOVES it. I cook dinner every night with him in the kitchen while he just bounces and plays with all the toys on it.

We've been thinking of getting an Exersaucer too, though. But I would say DEFINITELY get the Jumperoo! It's every bit as good as all the reviews say!

Anonymous said...

Agree..Jumperoo is a hit..I have the baby Einstein one which Kiran loves too..

Chris said...

another thumbs up for the jumparoo. Kitcat loves hers.