17 September 2008

Neatest toy EVER!!!

Its hard to tell from the image, but these Fisher Price Alphabet "Peek-a-Blocks" are the coolest! I added them to our registry one day when I was looking for toys available "in store", so I hadn't even seen them in person (but knew I wanted some alphabet blocks for Pebbles). Luckily for us, one of my husbands generous coworkers picked these up for us. My husband even called me from work to ask me about them since he thought they were so neat. They all have little items in them (like the "D" block has ducks) and they are all so cute! I started researching them a little more and all the reviews I can find RAVE about these, so I'm even more excited now. And what's even better? They sell several different sets of these peek-a-blocks, so don't tell Pebbles, but I'm sure I'll be picking up some more sets for her (us) this Christmas. It's nice to already have ideas of stuff to get her that will eventually be "fun" for her instead of stuff like clothes and such.

Anyhow, I got so excited about these that I just had to share!


Cassie said...


Cassie said...

Seriously, I just bought them at Target online. That fast. Those things are so neat. I know Andrew and Pebbles are going to love them!

wedbliss5 said...

Cassie - you WON'T be disapointed, I promise!