25 September 2008

Safety first

Looking around at various safety items, we decided to go with these safety plate covers (by Mommy's Helper). From everything that I've found, they are easy to use AND seem to be the safest option. Once you pull the plug out, they immediately snap closed and restrict access to the plug. I did see a few comments about some looser plugs having a harder time staying in, but safety is more important so we'll have to figure it out. They are quite a bit more expensive than the standard little plastic plug in things, but its worth it to keep Pebbles safe.

Meanwhile, we'll need to still get pinch guards and table guards and all those other wonderful items to keep Pebbles from getting into cabinets and falling into the toilet. I'm not sure what pinch guards to get since the one's I've seen are used on the door handle side, but don't hold the door open enough to keep her little fingers from getting squashed in the hinged side. Maybe that won't be an issue, but I'm still going to do a little more research. As for the table guards, it seems the foam pipe covers is recommended and MUCH cheaper than those guards specifically made for toddlers and way over priced.

And on another note, this is the gate we are hoping to get to keep Pebbles away from the kitty litter, but still allow our furballs access. Funny thing - we figure we'll have to take Tuggles with us to the pet store to make sure he can FIT through the little door. I mean, he is 18 pounds with a head the size of a grapefruit!

Well, thats it for now! Keep your fingers cross that my next post is AFTER Pebbles is here and includes her name and cute little pictures! If not, I'm sure it will be soon.


Cassie said...

You are SO prepared! We still haven't bought our safety stuff yet, but we probably have a couple more months at least before Andrew starts crawling around.

I cannot WAIT to see pictures and hear Pebbles' name! Just think -- she's going to be here in less than one week! How exciting!

Cassie said...

Oh, and also? Your cat weighs EIGHTEEN pounds? That's as big as my kid!