15 September 2008

Bed rest

What does 7 lbs in 7 days and sausage fingers get you? Oh, and a little protein in your pee - it gets you put on bed rest and blood drawn. TOTALLY didn't expect my appointment to go like that today, but so be it. I've been miserable today and my fingers have ached the past couple days so a few days to lay in bed and rest is probably a good thing, although even with a doctor's note I still feel guilty- why is that?

We also scheduled the induction so if she doesn't come naturally, then we're going in on October 1st to try and convince her to come out. While I didn't show much progress at today's appointment, I think I've started to feel some contractions tonight so I have hope we can go normally - but who knows. She could come tonight and we're ready, but then again, if she waits until October 1st, well that's a pretty good day as well.

So, I'm off to bed now. I'll keep you updated as soon as there is more to update!


kristin said...

Oh honey! Sorry to hear you're on bed rest. :( I will be thinking of you! Hope you're feeling better soon! Keep me posted if anything changes!! I miss you babe!

Cassie said...

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! I totally know how that feels...You're bummed that things aren't going perfectly, but also happy that you're being required to relax! Update as much as you possibly can. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!

Kristin said...

:( I'm sorry.... although, somehow I could make bedrest a good thing... relax now-- as you'll be dying for bedrest in just a few weeks.
Come on, Pebbles.... we're all ready to meet you!

Amanda and Anthony said...

I'm sorry! Just think - a little extra time to rest up before she gets here! Hope you feel better!