24 November 2008

Mr. Octopus

See this? Look close - see Mr. Octopus hanging there? He is Ruby's favorite toy, she will lay there and stare at him, making all sorts of facing and some random noises. It is one of our weapons to fight the Colic Monster. We have even recently learned to take him with us and hang him from her car seat handle when we are out to help keep her content - and it is wonderful. The problem? You can't just buy Mr. Octopus, you have to get the whole playmat - which sucks since we were all prepared to buy another one or two of these for her. Phooey. It actually kind of reminds me of the scene from "Best in Show" where they are screaming at the sales clerk in the store as they are looking for a replacement toy for their dog - I could totally see my husband and I being THOSE people if we lost Mr. Octopus, but THAT will never happen because we will NEVER lose him. (NOTE for any grandparents and family reading this - if you can find Mr. Octopus for sale somewhere such as second hand shops or what-not, please snatch him up for us!) So, we will continue trying to get some of those random smile pictures of Ruby playing with Mr. Octopus to post in the near future - so stay tuned!!


Seachelle said...

Look at her! We can't wait to meet our new niece! We're looking forward to our visit.

Amanda and Anthony said...

Ruby is too cute! Thanks for the comment, too! Our baby girl already has some Rangers onesies and another baseball outfit! We're going to have to have a baby day at the ballpark late next season!!

Cassie said...

Oh, how adorable! Mr. Octopus...I love it! And I love the thought of you and your DH acting like the couple in "Best in Show" -- that's hilarious!

THANKFULLY, Andrew doesn't have a toy he can't live without -- yet. He does have one he can't SLEEP without, but it just stays in the crib so I always know where to find it!

Matin said...

Your baby looks so cute and congratulation on finding a way to tame colic, i know some parents really suffer with it!