08 November 2008

Diapers, diapers, diapers

After fighting with the fitted and covers and learning the one's my cousin gave me are still either too big or don't fit right, I finally found a cloth diaper that seems to work on Ruby - the BumGenius 3.0 one size. We currently have 2 of these, I ordered a few more as well as a I figured I'd give a few of the other one size diapers a try. Lucky for me I was able to not only get free shipping, but I also got $10 off my order. (You can too at diapers.com, use coupon code RUBY to get $10 off your first order - plus they carry disposable diapers, formula, clothing, bottles, etc.) Now I wait for my "fluffy mail" aka cloth diapers to arrive. Once we get a few more so that my husband can get more experience with them, then I'll look into buying a full set so that we can finally get Ruby OUT of the disposables completely, and I can take them into our daycare and attempt to convince them to use them. I may need to purchase another diaper pail liner or large wet bag to use at the daycare, but I'll wait until they agree to use them. Keep your fingers crossed they say yes!

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