30 November 2008

My latest obsession

BABY LEGS!!! These things are great and make diaper changing SO MUCH EASIER. What is also great is that they'll fit her for more than just a month or two, considering she is already growing out of some of her 0-3 month clothing and it makes me sad! Yes, I know some of the reason is the cloth diapers are so much fluffier, but even with a disposable on there are several outfits and onesies she no longer fits. I can't believe it is already time to put some of the clothes away. *wipes tear away*

Anyhow, here are the sets I've already received and oh how I love them!


Kristin said...

how do they make diaper changing easier?? Do tell!
And... how are you liking the BG's?

wedbliss5 said...

hey make diaper changes easier because they replace pants - so you don't have to take them off when changing the diaper. Think of them as thigh high pantyhose.

And the BG are my favorite diaper, They are easy enough to adjust to Ruby's legs that we don't have any issues with leaking. I have one Wahmies diaper I love too, but it uses a bunch of hooks and is harder to get on and off so there is no way I could get the daycare (or my dear husband) to ue them. I'm sure I'll get more though once she gets to the stage where she can remove the velcro'd diapers.

Cassie said...

These are too cute. What a stylish little lady she must be!

Ladybug said...

Miss N STILL fits into Babylegs!
I have one pink BG 3.0 that is brand new, never used - any interest in buying it or are you all stocked up?