04 November 2008

Bottle Drying Rack

I registered for this during one of my "add everything" frenzies and then regretted it once I got it since we are using the Playtex Drop-In's, thinking I wouldn't get any use out of it. I was planning on returning it but never got a chance to to do it since things got so crazy between being put on bedrest and then actually having Ruby, so it sat in her room. And now, I'm so glad I did keep it! It's perfect to use for drying the pump parts, the milk storage bottles, the bottle nipples, and her binkies. Who knew? It's actually to the point where I'm sure I would regret it if i actually HAD returned it, since we all know the bottles and parts wouldn't dry as fast or completely by just laying them on a towel. Hooray for being a procrastinater!

Bottle drying rack - 2 thumbs up!


Cassie said...

The bottle-drying rack looks great, but I'm sort of distracted by all of your candy. I want to come to your house!

elsie123 said...

If it's not already, it won't be long before your whole house is full of baby-related things!

Little Ruby is beautiful, and I know you and hubby are so proud. Kathy at work (we work with your hubby) forwarded me the link to your blog, and it's great. I'll be checking back to keep up with Ruby's progress!

(And I like your 101 things list. May have to do that myself...)