01 December 2008

Month 2

Wow - these past 2 months sure went a lot faster than those last 2 months of pregnancy, and its so completely unfair! I don't even want to think about how fast these next few weeks are going to go, these few short weeks I have left at home with my precious pumpkin, it completely breaks my heart. Until then, we'll enjoy every moment we can, even those where the colic monster is visiting while tears stream down my face - sure it is frustrating, but it is part of motherhood and I'm okay with it. On to the past month!
I think the biggest thing in this last month is learning Ruby has a milk protein allergy, it has been a HUGE step for us in dealing with her fussiness and learning what I can and cannot eat. We are close to a month clean now and she seems so much better, although she still has her moments (like all of yesterday) and I have to admit, its not as bad for me as I thought. It has us eating at home more often and I have a feeling it will help me lose weight a little faster since I have to cut almost all of the higher fat foods I was eating out, not just the cheeses, but most of the bakery items too unless I make them myself. Regardless, it is all worth it to ensure Ruby is doing better and is able to continue to be exclusively on breast milk.
This past month Ruby has also begun to smile, and not just in her sleep. Mr. Octopus seems to be the best at getting her to show those gums of hers! Now, if we could only get some better pictures of her when she is smiling - as of now, she seems to know the camera is coming out and then refuses anymore smiles and coos. Stubborn little stinker of mine!
She is also starting to get decent head and neck control, so much so that we can put her in lumpy (aka her bumbo) for short periods of time. However, it sure can make burping her a little more difficult since she prefers to look around. Luckily, she hasn't done TOO much twisting and turning during feedings yet, I can only imagine how painful that will get!

And lately, she has discovered her hand - or fist rather! It is all she can do to try and get the whole thing wedged into her mouth. The hand in mouth used to be a feeding queue and that has since gone the way of those newborn clothes since she will finish a feeding and then begin sucking on her hand, making quite loud and obnoxious slurping noises. At first I was fearful that she wasn't getting enough to eat, but I've since learned that this is common among the online mom's I know. Babies really are such strange creatures!

We head to the pediatrician for her 2 month appointment on December 10th, at which point she needs to get her first round of vaccinations (sniff sniff). What I haven't blogged about is that she will also be heading to an appointment with a hematologist. It seems that her PKU test came back with some form of unidentified hemoglobin, so we're going in for more testing. My husband did a little googling and it seems that most of the time when this happens, it is completely harmless and nothing comes of it - so I've basically done my best to not worry or think about it. Most typically if something is wrong, it is linked to some sort of anemia, and since Ruby is not showing any signs of anemia, I'm just waiting to hear what the doctors say.

This little girl has captured my heart and I look forward to watching her grow and learn about life. I don't think I've ever felt as loved and needed as I do as a mother, knowing this little innocent life is completely dependent on my husband and I for everything - and that makes me feel more important than anything. And while there are times when I miss the ease of not being a parent (such as how I could just grab my purse and head to the store), I can never imagine missing out on all the joy she has brought to my life. So, Ruby Ann, my dearest baby girl, no matter what life throws at you and how old you get, your father and I thank the Lord for you each and every day - you will never live a day without love. Remember that. Happy 2 month birthday sweetheart!


Seachelle said...

Angela and I can't wait until next month when we get to meet her and hold her for the first time. We can't wait to see you guys!

Cassie said...

She is impossibly adorable! I can't wait to hear how much she weighs; it looks like she's grown a lot! Way to go, Mama!

Nanette said...

Such a cutie! Our little girls are just a few days apart! (Mine was born 10/5.)

And I, obviously, just discovered your blog via my Site Meter. I added you to my Google Reader, so I'll be back!