06 December 2008

A rough day times 2

Yesterday was one of those days I wanted to curl into a ball and cry. My house was a mess, as it always seems to be lately, the trash was too full to put anything in, laundry was half done, my husband was working, and Ruby was as fussy as fussy can be - she wouldn't let me put her down or she screamed, she didn't want to eat, she didn't want me to sit down, she would only take her paci for a few minutes, I had to change her diaper evey 5 minutes it seemed, and she's decided she likes to shake her head back and forth HARD, so she's knocked me in the face and chin on several occasions. Oh yeah - at 8pm I still had only had breakfast since I couldn't get enough time to make anything to eat. Luckily she still goes down at night and sleeps pretty well and for that I am beyond thankful.

Then comes today. She was GREAT, WONDERFUL, HAPPY, and SMILING ... until my husband had to leave for work. Ever since, minus a few SHORT naps, she has been fussy again - and continues to spit up. I have had to change my bra, wash the couch cushion, change her top TWICE in 20 minutes, gone through countless spit rags, and finally put a bib on her and said screw it, at which point she decided to just scream bloody murder - then I just sat and cried. My pediatrician keeps saying some kids just spit up - but I just can't get on board with THIS MUCH being okay. And while my elimination of dairy has seemed to help some, she sill seems really mucousy which leads me to believe that there is still something else going on, whether it is an allergy to what I'm eating or some other sort of allergy. Add this all up and I am stressed out and emotional. We head back to the doctor next week though so once again, I am going to bring it up. If it turns out this all normal, then maybe I'm the one who needs medication.

UPDATE: Happiest Baby on the Block and the Miracle Blanket are my new best friends. Used the techniues when Ruby was crying bloody murder, and not only did it shut her up and put her to sleep, but she's been sleeping since about 7pm and its now 9:45pm. It may screw up her sleep tonight some, but at least I'll have a little bit of down time before then. Anyone who is skeptical of spending the money on those two items, just do it - you will NOT regret it!


Cassie said...

I'm so sorry, Becky. I remember oh so VERY CLEARLY feeling exactly the same way. I used to stress about Andrew spitting up a lot, too. In fact, I used to stress about EVERY little thing he did that seemed abnormal. And I remember feeling so hopeless and just sitting and crying, too. I think you're at the point I was at when I was like, "Let me go back to work NOW!!" But then, in a few days or weeks, thing were great again and I never wanted to leave him.

Sometimes I think babies are seriously very lucky that they are cute.

Anonymous said...

Becky, Talk to your ped about GERD. Seriously. Each of mine would scream bloody murder when I laid them down. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without a screaming baby. I didn't know with my first two. I thought they just spit up a lot. It wasn't until #2 was 2-1/2 that she was diagnosed with it. Most babies grow out of it around 3 months, but mine still had it after 2 years! Then when #3 came along, I knew what to look for. When she was 3 weeks old it started and the ped put her on Zantac and she became the most happy and peaceful baby! She still is. She was on it for about 10 months. Seriously, it's worth a try. Even after she stopped vomitting (when I cut out dairy), she still seemed uncomfortable and my ped made a very good point of giving it a try to see if it helps with comfort. After all, if it doesn't stop, you don't have to continue the meds, right? At least you tried and know. It's much better to know than beat yourself up over it later. I felt awful that I didn't know and just made my first 2 go through it, even though I didn't know. I was also afraid the ped would tell me to give formula and I was dead set against that, which is why I never asked. It was another issue altogether that got #2 diagnosed. Kymberlie