13 December 2008

A December to Remember

That's right - I'm totally that girl in the Lexus commercial! My wonderful husband and I decided it was time to get a new vehicle, between the ABS light that was always on and the fact the front seat was useless with Ruby's car seat in the back, it was more than time. What is even better? We're not paying much more a month than we were before, meanwhile I'm driving a much safer BRAND NEW vehicle. We started by looking at the ES350 because I've always felt SUV's are just too big for me, but after seeing that the ES350 is actually a little bit longer and wider, and getting a MUCH better deal on the RX, we went for the RX - and we figured it is a lot more practical considering we have an infant and all her stuff (i.e. stroller) to lug around.

So, like the commercial, it definitely is a December to Remember!

PS - what makes this even better? We now get FREE valet parking at the Rangers games - woohoo!!!


Cassie said...

I don't know what I'm more jealous about: the new car, or the fact that you're outside without coats in DECEMBER! Okay, definitely the car. I have one of those crossover SUVs myself, and I LOVE mine. It's so much more convenient as far as carting all of Andrew's stuff around goes. Plenty of room. Merry Christmas to you!

Kristin :) said...

Lovin' the new car!! :) Yay for you! :) Miss you much chica!!

House of Brodt said...

That's awesome! A new car is actually on the top on my wish list and my hubby and I had a good laugh about it. Although, I did tell him that one day I expect to see a brand new car in the driveway with a huge red bow on it! Congrats on the new car, it's gorgeous!

Nanette said...

And ya got the big red bow!!! That's awesome!