07 December 2008

Diaper Bags

After 2 months I've learned that as cute as the Jeep bags are, I get highly annoyed with them since they do NOT have a good shoulder strap. Also, I try to carry my purse with them as well since I want something small I can fit my keys, wallet, cell phone, and chapstick - and I want it to be SEPARATE from the bag, so additional pockets do NOTHING for this. After a little exploration and some chatting on a message board, I was pointed towards the "seconds" at www.fleurville.com. Everyone raved about the Mothership bag, so of course I had to pick up one of those, but since the site offers free shipping on orders over $99 and the one bag and shipping would have been half of that, I figured why not just get enough to qualify for free shipping? (Yes, I spent money to save money, I am woman, deal with it!) So now I wait. Wait for this most recent purchase to arrive and hopefully I am as happy with them as everyone else. And I even bought the green one so my husband has something NOT pink to use.

For anyone in the market for a diaper bag, I highly suggest thinking about what features you want - and then make sure you get one that has a good shoulder strap as too!


Seachelle said...

Cute bags!

cspurlock said...

I have the Sling tote version & totally love it! The shoulder strap is essential & this bag has got the goods! - jfire28

Nanette said...

I have a Fleurville Escape Pod and the Mothership bag (in pink and green stripes), and I adore them both! I get so many compliments on the Mothership bag - it's the perfect size!