24 February 2009


I'm on a roll today kids! Here is restaurant entry number two - Snuffers! They have the best, most amazing, absolutely divine, heart-stopping goodness called cheese fries. They are not only covered in cheddar cheese, but then are served with crumbled bacon, chives, jalapenos, and ranch dressing. These are by far one of the staples you MUST get when in the Dallas area. And yet another food I cannot have due to my daughters dairy intolerance right now. My waist line loves it, my mouth however has another opinion. Absence DEFINITELY makes the heart grow fonder. Anyhow - our normal meal at this wonderful place is an order of cheese fries, an order of fried pickles (huge order so be warned), and a pitcher of Shiner Bock. This, obviously, is not for the faint of heart (or dieting patrons).

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