05 February 2009

Mmmmm! Toes!

Yay! Our little pumpkin has found her toes, and its quite cute. I do have to say diaper changes were MUCH easier before. I'm sure it is just going to get worse though, but that's okay, it means she's growing and learning - and THAT is good.

On another note, I took her in for her 4 month shots today - and she was a trooper. She cried a little, but quickly recovered and has been a wonderfully happy child ever since. I am just hoping she can keep this mentality with the shots and not get my super severe fear of needles - so I just have to hide my fear around her. We might make daddy be the one to go with her more often, but shhhh, don't tell him! (((giggle))) Oh, and she measured in the 99% for length / height. no wonder she is already in her 6-9 months clothes. She definitely got her dads genes in the height sense, lucky girl!


Seachelle said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cassie said...

She is just so cute!!

Em said...

So cute!! I have been thinking about you since your job loss. Hope you are doing well given the circumstances. :o)