22 February 2009


In my continuing quest to find foods without any sort of dairy or soy, my wonderful husband said he wanted fried catfish. Now, I've never been a big fish eater and growing up, seafood consisted of shrimp and fish sticks. He on the other hand LOVES fish and has always talked about fried catfish, so I figured what the heck. I was not that excited about it, but it didn't have dairy or soy, AND it meant he would be making some fried squash too, which I do love, so I went with it. Normally, he was used to fried catfish made with cornmeal, but he decided to try a different seasoning and grabbed the Louisiana Fry mix. Oh. My. GAWD! We couldn't get enough of the fish that night, I was completely impressed and asked for it again the following week. And the following week. AND the following week. Then we secured an old fryer his mother had. And we've had fried catfish and squash every week since. Yes, we are officially addicted to this fry seasoning. I think we are even eating this more often than we are eating pasta, which for anyone who knows me, this is amazing because I love pasta. And I can't wait until I can eat lasagna and vodka sauce and all those yummy, cheesy, creamy pasta dishes again - but I'm sure this recipe will stay on our menu then too. I might just add a cheesy salad. (((grin)))

So go buy some and fry yourself some tasty catfish!

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