28 March 2008

Week 14 today

According to some Internet research, our baby is the size of a lemon this week (since week 14 starts today). Wow. It really is amazing to me and I think its finally starting to seem real. I know, I know, with all the morning sickness it should have seemed real, but instead I just felt miserable and couldn't begin to think about what a miracle was going on with my face buried in the toilet - just not happening. However, now that I've made it through the past couple days feeling semi-human, the excitement is starting to come and I want to start shopping. Baby items are so freaking cute - the little hats and onesies and socks, all of it! My husband and I were able to spend one day out looking at cribs and furniture and have an idea of what we like, but alas, we know we won't buy anything until after the big ultrasound so we know what we're having - although I have 2 fears regarding this: 1. That we won't be able to tell whether its a boy or girl and 2. if we can tell, that in the end it will be wrong (my mother in law knows how this goes since the doctor thought my husband was going to be a girl). The way I look at it though is IF either one of these things happen, then so be it, we'll make it through and laugh about it in the end. I just don't understand how people choose to wait until the birth to find out! I'm way too much of a planner and while the unisex stuff is of course cute, the little boy and girl items are so much better! I know we want to decorate the nursery according to being a boy or girl as well as I want to be able to refer to my child as "him" or "her" instead of it. I still giggle when we refer to the little one as "it". But that's just me and my craziness anyhow.

A lemon. That's SOOO MUCH bigger than a bean or a peanut. A whole freaking lemon. And its only going to get bigger. Life truly is a miracle.

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Kristin said...

SOOOOO exciting!!! VERY happy for you and M. :)