14 March 2008

Lots of change

Well, after being prodded by several people for a LONG time, I figure its time for an update - and I bet you can all guess what that is from my lovely image. My goals for the year have obviously become null and void since there has been such a huge change in my life. My dear husband and I are very excited about the coming addition, as are all the soon-to-be grandparents, aunts and uncles. My official due date is September 28th, so it looks like I get to be nice and large for the wonderful hot summers here in Texas. Joy. I can also say that today I am 12 weeks along, and it has been a very rough ride so far. Morning sickness is ... well ... more like noon, evening, and night sickness and I am so ready to start feeling human again! I feel like I've been hungover for 8 weeks straight, which is bad, but then add to that all the hyper-sensitivities to smells, the horrendous gag reflex (I hurled after seeing an episode of Family Guy with vomiting), and the fact that food is no longer my friend (which means I also have no idea when I"ll be able to add new foods here again, I apologize in advance). It's truly awful and as of now I swear never to do this again. I know, I know, everyone says once we hold our child it will be all worth it and a few years from now we'll want to do it again, but as of now - NO WAY.

So along with that, I've had to start my 101 in 1001 a little early, and we'll use the date we found out as the start - which is January 20th. My NEW completion date will be October 17, 2010 - which is good since its right before the holiday season. Yay!

I will do my best to keep this updated more often and I'm sure there will even come a point where I post some of the ever loved belly pictures, so be patient. We haven't started taking them yet, but I think I am JUST starting to get the little pooch as my poor pants don't fit when buttoned, its kinda funny and yet a little bit sad. But with that said, so begins our journey!

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Anonymous said...

And what a wonderful journey it will be!When do you find out the sex? The names you are keeping a secret, right?

I love the look of a pregnant woman!

Take care of yourself and the little one!

Love Grandma S.