24 March 2008

That's good to know...

Thursday was great, or so I thought. I left a little early to come home and spend so good quality time with my poor, neglected husband and started getting a little hungry on the way so I stopped at Jamba Juice. I figured a fruit smoothie (and yes, a little sherbet) would be good to put something in my belly before I got sick. No such luck. Within 30 minutes of walking in the door I was once again sitting in front of the toilet, wasting the $4.00 or so I had just spent. Luckily for me, it made me miserable for only about 15 minutes. I was good for a few more hours then the night-time nausea came back. The rest of the Easter weekend was pretty miserable and lets just say I am working from home today because sitting at my desk with tears flowing down my checks waiting until my next gagging fit starts isn't my idea of a great Monday. So I continue to wait for the the joys everyone says the second trimester will bring. Today is 13 weeks and 3 days, so its officially the end of the first trimester. We'll pick up the rest of my expensive Zofran prescription today, which hopefully helps. It sure did this morning anyhow.

On a much more positive note, I just remembered the news the doctor had for me at my last appointment (which was last Monday). All my blood tests came back great and I'm not even showing signs of anemia, which is always a concern. But, I also found out my blood type - which sure is a good thing to know. I am A+ which I also believe means I do not have to worry about the whole positive verses negative blood type where I need shots if the baby is positive and I'm negative. So the good news is no extra needles, and for anyone that knows me, understands this is one of my biggest fears - so yay!

What about something OTHER than pregnancy, right? Well, with it being spring, we are anxiously awaiting any and all signs of better weather. One of those items are birds. We put out our bird feeders a few weeks ago and while it took them about 2 weeks to find it, the feeder has not been lacking birds for more than 5 minutes - so this is nice to watch. We seem to mostly have just common finches and doves, but there is also a cardinal pair that comes to visit and this morning I saw a red-winged blackbird which was neat. Another item we love here in Texas are the bluebonnets that grow wild. Now I haven't not seen a single flow, but my husband saw a field full on his drive to court today, which means spring IS here. I'm sure we'll get our camera out and take some pictures in the near future as well. The next few weeks also bring the Ranger's home opener, which we of course got tickets for, and thoroughbred racing to start - and we love going to the horse races! This time of the year is so exiting - I mean fishing, baseball, horse races, BBQ's, warmer weather - what could be better? And while I'm still hoping to start a small garden this year, I am making no promises there. I do know I can't wait to start cooking again, I can't even begin to tell you how tired of fast food and dining out I am. This will one day become more about food again, and that IS a promise.

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