20 March 2008

A good day...

Wow - whats that? A good day so far? Who knew that could happen, but it DID. Granted I still have the rest of the afternoon and evening to go but so far I have felt better than I have in almost 8 weeks. I was even HUNGRY at lunch and went out for some BBQ - its amazing. I am even hoping to skip out of a work a little early so I can go home and enjoy some time with my dearest hubby when I'm feeling good, he won't even know what to do its been so long. It's truly amazing to feel human again and want to do something beside lay on the couch and cry. At this point I have no idea what will come of the evening, but my hubby is off and I would be completely happy if we just snuggled and watched movies - I have missed him so much lately! It's also great since he's off tonight and tomorrow, so for the first time in a while we get a TRUE weekend together, like a normal couple (sometimes I really hate his schedule!). I think we might go out shopping so I can get some pants that fit ... since I hate to admit I have not buttoned mine for weeks now, so I think its time. I think I'm also going to check ebay and craigslist to see what I can find, since I have to imagine a whole new wardrobe will get quite expensive! The thought of getting out of the house while feeling normal has me all giddy inside, so pray it keeps up and that I'm over the worst of it!

On another note, I have several people close to me who are struggling with getting pregnant or dealing with miscarriages so I want to send my good thoughts out to them. While I've been physically miserable, they have been emotionally miserable and I can't even imagine the pain. You never know what the person next to you is dealing with, it could be worse than you think.

One final thought - tomorrow is Good Friday which means this Sunday is Easter, so take some time to enjoy what you have and remember: SPRING IS UPON US! Hooray for warmer weather!

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