11 August 2008

A wedding and a baby shower

We just got back form our trip to Michigan, where we had my best friends' wedding and our baby shower all in a matter of 2 days - can we just say busy busy! The wedding was wonderful, Kristin was, of course, a beautiful bride (and I suck since I didn't take a SINGLE picture!) and I'm so glad to see her so happy with an absolutely wonderful man. I realized in our few days up there just how much I miss her, and how much it makes it even worse since they are moving to Germany for 2 years. :-( We are hoping to be able to visit next September (and most likely talking to the grandparents to see if they can watch Pebbles for a few days) which I guess would keep up with our tradition of seeing each other once a year. I think our phone calls are going to take the biggest hit, so hopefully we can manage to stay in touch over email and IM. Even though, it still sucks and breaks me heart. Maybe when they come back I can convince them Texas is a MUCH better place to live. **sniff sniff**

Anyhow, that was Friday and Saturday. Sunday, my stepmom and stepsister threw us a baby shower which also turned out to be a family get-together, which was really nice as well. I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with family that I rarely get to see, so that was definitely an added bonus. We also managed to get a BUNCH of stuff for Pebbles, and even fit it all into our luggage to bring home. Here is a quick shot of the closet, where most of her stuff is currently hanging, although we have about 30+ more onesies and sleepers on the shelves. Pebbles will definitely have enough clothing, even if we need to change her several times a day! Besides clothing, we received our Bumbo seat (which my husband has some how nicknamed "Lumpy"), a bunch of safety items, lots of cute books, some bathing items (including the Johnson and Johnson lavender bedtime wash my cousin swears by), and an amazing handmade blanket from my aunt.

However, one of the things I am most excited about right now are the AngelDry cloth diapers my cousin gave us, I mean, look how cute they are! Cloth diapers are one of those things I've been debating about since I am so easily grossed out but at the same time the thought of the cost and waste from disposable diapers makes me really sad. Right now, I am thinking we might do a combination of the two, with hopes that we can convince ourselves, our families, and our daycare to completely switch to cloth - but if not at least we'll be doing SOME. Plus, you can customize the AngelDry orders so I'm thinking I can get some holiday prints, maybe a Texas Ranger print, and possibly even some ruffle butt ones - because every baby girl needs the ruffle butts! I'll keep you informed as I learn more, but please feel free to pass on any advice, recommendations, etc. you have as well.

And ... while I was busy getting ready with all the girls for the wedding on Saturday, my husband went shopping. And, once again, he managed to find a way to show me just how lucky I am to have him. He didn't get something for himself or me, instead he found the one thing I had mentioned I wanted to make sure we got while in Michigan (but then forgot I told him). That's right, this totally Texas husband of mine manage to find the Michigan State outfit I wanted for Pebbles, he also bought a few other MSU outfits as well, but THIS is THE outfit I KNEW I wanted.

I love this man more than he will ever know, and he obviously is able to read my mind. So back off, he's taken!!! Oh, and watch for future pictures of Pebbles in this cute as can be little jumper, I'm sure there will be MANY!


Itty Bitty said...

That little outfit is so adorable!!

Cassie said...

Okay, I'd better have a little girl next, because there is NOTHING CUTER than baby girl clothes! Goodness! I love the little Spartan outfit, too, but one thing is missing in these pictures: YOU! I'm still waiting for those belly shots!

I'm glad you had a great time!

Adam & Monika said...

holy crap. i feel so out of the loop! what do you say i take you to lunch sometime soon (before baby j is here!!) i need to see that pregnancy glow! email me if you can or call me when you have a free moment. talk to you soon.