04 August 2008

Ask, and you shall receive

Remember this? The most fantastic cake pan EVER? The one my husband would have shot down had I asked because 1) I don't NEED it and 2) we don't have ANYWHERE to store it? Yup, that's right, my most wonderful in-laws got it for me for my birthday. I'm uber excited about it (oh yeah, and my husband went with his mother to get this, so he obviously wasn't COMPLETELY opposed to it). The funny part? He was right, we don't have anywhere to store it, so its still sitting on the counter. *giggle* I'll figure something out, I have no choice. Meanwhile, I might have to bake a cake this week just so I can use it. Woohoo!!!

This was just the icing on the cake though (bad joke, I know). When I got home Friday, my amazing husband had cleaned the house, bought me yellow roses, had some "Happy Birthday" balloons with the flowers, picked out not 1, but 2, perfect birthday cards, and presented me with my giftcard for a prenatal massage. The birthday gift from my dad was waiting for me too, which is a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" on CD, one of the books I've been wanting to read but haven't had time. We then went to dinner, did a little shopping, and spent the evening together. It was perfect. Saturday I pampered myself with a hair cut and highlights and then my mother in law took me out for manicures and pedicures, after which we all spent the evening napping. Sunday I woke to my husband flipping on the bedroom light at about 8am to show me he stopped at IHOP and picked up breakfast for us. This was COMPLETELY unexpected, but even better than it sounds since I've been drooling over the commercials for the Banana's Foster and Apple crisp pancakes they have right now - and he got an order of both. We sat and ate breakfast and then both laid back down to sleep. I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon just pretty much being lazy and doing a little laundry until it was time to meet his family for dinner. We all went out for Tex-Mex (of course) and back to his parents for cake. We caught the beginning of the Rangers game there and went home to watch the rest of it before my husband had to go to work. I was so nice being able to just cuddle on the couch and watch some baseball. All in all, it was a marvelous birthday weekend and I'm a little sad its over now. Maybe I'll just find a reason to celebrate for the whole month of August - it wouldn't be a first.


Cassie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It sounds like you had a great one!

Jess said...

I saw that cake pan and thought it looked like a giant cupcake! I wanna see what you end up making with it! Happy Birthday!