17 August 2008

Lots done, so much to do!

I can't believe it is already Sunday evening, although we did get quiet a bit done over the last couple days, but I know we still have so much more to do. Let's start from last week:

Thursday we started our Prepared Childbirth classes. My husband was a little hesitant at first since several of his (male) coworkers poo-poo'd on the classes, but he admitted that they actually seem more informative than he thought they would be. I think he also realizes that the classes are more for ME to get over my fears and I need his support by him being there. Either way, he said he'll be there for the next 3 with me as well. This is great since he finally was given his promotion date (Aug 25th) at which point he starts shift rotations (evenings, then days, then midnights for 2 weeks each) and luckily they are willing to work with his schedule and allow him to attend.

Friday we didn't do much, spent some time together, resting and relaxing. I feel like I'm still recovering from the trip to Michigan, so I need a night of nothingness.

For the rest of the weekend we've managed to do some more things in preparation for Pebbles arrival. I told DH the one thing we needed to get addressed was the car seat, since if she does come early, its the one thing we don't have that we can't do without. Sure it could be picked up while I was in the hospital, but we had one picked out that I really liked, so I'd rather just be prepared and get it now - so car seat has been purchased! Now, we just need to read the instructions and figure it all out, but at least we have it here.

We also washed all of her clothing and it has all been put away. There are so many freaking cute outfits and onesies and such, I can't wait to be able to put her in them! I also see what people mean about Gerber stuff shrinking. I have a few 6-9 months onesies that appear to be the same size as that rest of my 0-3 month onesies after getting washed. Yikes. Hopefully the 0-3 month sleepers will fit for a short time anyhow! (Now I'm just finishing OUR laundry so I have some clean clothes for the week!)

We dropped my husbands dry cleaning off, along with his 2 shirts to get his stripes put on. I'm pretty excited that he's promoting sooner rather than later since it gets him off the streets for the most part and eases my mind some. Plus, calling him Sergeant just sounds cooler. ***giggle***

Call me crazy (and I'm sure many of you will) but I arranged to purchase most, if not all, of the newborn size cloth diapers (CD) I hope to need for the first few months (found a good deal!). I'm still a little nervous about going cloth verses disposable, but I figure its worth a try. And if we decide against it, at least we made the EFFORT to try it and from what I can tell, it won't be hard to find someone who wants to purchase the CD's we have. I'm actually excited since there are so many cute designs and such and I'm a sucker for cute stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm 34 weeks today. 6 weeks left - if she comes on her due date (which is unlikely). I guess what freaks me out the most is that while we continue to plan for 6 more weeks, I know it really can be ANY DAY. My doctor prefers that I don't travel after 32 weeks, which means I should try to stay close to home now. Eeek! I can't believe its already been so long and I'm so far along. I really need to make sure I have the big things addressed for her arrival - and my time off work! I need to go talk to HR, follow up with my insurance, get my husband to follow up with his insurance, make sure my projects are organized in such a way that someone can take over for me as needed, along with everything that needs to be done around the house - but at least I have my husband and we have his parents if needed. Now, if I could just get the motivation to do the things at work to prepare, we'd be all set.


Cassie said...

WOW, I can't believe you're that close already! Seems like just yesterday you were finding out that Pebbles is...well...Pebbles!

Kudos to you for giving the cloth diapers a try. I was too lazy for it, which makes me feel VERY ashamed.

Andrew was able to wear his Gerber sleepers/onesies for a month or so, but they really do shrink! They start out small to begin with. It's very frustrating that he's already grown out of the 3-6 month Gerbers!

BELLY SHOTS. I will not stop bugging you until you post some.

Amanda and Anthony said...

Aww! I can't believe you're so close! I'm sure you're so excited!!