01 July 2008

Jeep jeep!!!

My husband loves his Jeep (we've lovingly name him Bugsy). I love his Jeep. Several of his coworkers apparently love his Jeep since so many of them have gone out and purchased their own as well. However, since we do love his Jeep, we have started looking at some of the other stuff you can get for Bugsy (my dear husband has found bumpers, bikini tops, tire covers, seat covers, you name it) that he wants to get to "dress up" Bugsy. Women buy shoes to accessorize, Jeep lovers apparently by Jeep accessories. I still am amazed when I see what all is out there for Jeeps.
Now on to Baby J's. My husband and I were walking through a baby store at one point in time and saw a Jeep stroller and he stops, looks at, looks at me, and states THAT is the stroller we would be registering for. Well, that particular stroller is not on the registry since it was expensive and not good for infants (so we picked a travel system style one instead, although we may eventually purchase it ourselves if needed - so we'll see). We did however find a Jeep umbrella style stroller that we registered for. It's pink. And what did I do? I found diaper bags that MATCH it (as you can see them above). So, while we have not yet obtained the stroller, I did order the diaper bags.
Speaking of diaper bags - holy crap! I can NOT believe how much people are willing to spend on these things (although I am the owner of several Kohl's and Target specials when it comes to purses and handbags, and the one Gucci purse I own was purchased in the Bahama's in a tent for like $12, so you can see how my purse/bag obsession is). However, looking at various options online (one popular brand being Petunia Pickle Bottom), the average cost seems to be about $200. $200!!! For an item you'll stuff bottles and diapers and snacks and wipes in. An item you'll be toting along with a child who poops and pees and spits-up and in general is a big mess most of the time. Each to their own I guess, instead I am getting BOTH the larger and smaller version for a TOTAL of about $35. I figure at that price, if we decide we want more for some reason, we won't feel bad about it since we didn't sink a ton of money into it anyhow. My husband even said he has no problems carrying a pink diaper bag ... although I think its only because it says "Jeep" on it.


Cassie said...

Kudos to you for not spending a lot on your diaper bag(s). Mine is a Target special I got for I think, like, $20.00. And I love it! And your husband is willing to carry a pink diaper bag...That's true love right there!!

shelley said...

BTW, I was a jeep fanatic myself back in high school, though never owned one. Had a big crush on a guy that did, though never dated him:0). Guess Jeep and me were never meant to be..how is everything, hold on tight, the fun is just starting:0)