30 July 2008

A stork's view of Pebbles

We finally went to Stork Vision to get some 3D images of Pebbles after a cancelled appointment and my irrational reaction to said cancelled appointment. READ: I was sobbing and in complete victim mode, my wonderful husband had to sort out all of the details to get the required paperwork and reschedule the appointment. Yes, he was annoyed with me, and I don't blame him, but he still did what it took to make me feel better. Like I've said on many occasions, I married the perfect man. ANYHOW ... the first appoint didn't go that well, as Pebbles was hiding in my hip and every attempt we made to get her to move instead lead to her burrowing her face even farther. The one thing that was good about the first appointment was that they confirmed it was in fact a girl - which is great since the night before I had a dream they told us it was a boy, which would have been fine except for the nursery is painted (pain-stakingly) and we have obtain lots of girlie items already. It would not have been the end of the world but I would have been disappointed about the whole nursery thing. Luckily, since the first group of images failed, we were able to reschedule for another day - which is where the pictures on here are from. The details are absolutely amazing, even though this time Pebbles was sleeping. We tried waking her up some to get some better video, and this is what we got:

I guess this means we are going to have a screamer on our hands, since to me, this looks like the face you get right before the little buggers start wailing. ***giggle*** Of course, we didn't get any screaming, she instead went back to sleep. We can only hope the same thing happens once she's here, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyhow, Pebbles seems to be doing just fine right now. The doctor says I've had an easy pregnancy (not including the horrid morning sickness that I thought was going to kill me), my blood pressure has remained fairly low, I haven't seem to have had any other scares (knock on wood), its just been the whole being overly bloated and uncomfortable, but that's to be expected. Meanwhile, Pebbles seems to be quite active, she likes to bounce on my bladder and stick her butt in my side. She even woke me up with the hiccups last night about 4am and the proceeded to dance around for an hour. Yay for movements, boo for lack of sleep. No real complaints from me though. Now, if only these last 2 months would go by so we can 1) cuddle with pebbles OUTSIDE my belly and 2) I can start to begin feeling normal again, then all will be grand in the J household (or so I think). Until next time...

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Cassie said...

That second picture is CLASSIC. That's totally the face they make before they start to cry. She may be a handful, but you'll love every minute of it! Great pics!