08 July 2008

Let's talk food!

I remember a time when all I talked about on here was recipes and other food or wine related items - then I saw 2 lines and everything changed. Food quickly became the enemy and I had more exciting things to post about - mainly Baby J's and anything involving Baby J's! And while things have been moving fairly quickly with her, right now is a calm, no new update time where I can talk about food. Oh how I miss thee! So, here's the plan to incorporate both Baby J's and food into this single site for all that are interested:
I will begin posting about local restaurants we enjoy, including information like atmosphere, dishes we love, and other little tidbits that may help a person decide yay or nay on a place. This will also help us when we have our "I don't know what I want" nights, so it is dual purpose. However, before I begin those posts - which will be one post per restaurant to make it easier - lets look at what my recent diet has been so you can see why there has been such a lack of recipes or otherwise food-related entries.

Normal breakfast options:
Cold cereal and milk (Cocoa Krispies has been my favorite)
Weekend special - pancakes, eggs, and an english muffin with cream cheese

Sounds exciting, right?

Normal lunches:
Chicken salad sandwich (this is like 80% of the time)
The other 20% is spread out over salads, pastas, fruit, and maybe the occasional fast food item.

Anything you want a recipe for yet? *giggle*

Dinner includes:
Salads, pastas, pizza, chicken salad sandwich (doesn't matter if I had it at lunch), and throw in the occasional chili dog, bratwurst, or taco salad.

I then follow the day up with some sort of dessert, maybe ice cream, maybe a fudgesicle, or maybe watermelon.
Needless to say, both my husband and I are sort of bored with the menu and end up going out to eat more often than not - partly because I want pasta and he, well, he doesn't. And I can't blame him either. I still do NOT want much in the way of meat - steak, chicken breast, fish - forget it! I told him that once Baby J's is here, we're going to take a trip to Truluck's, have a nice steak and seafood meal along with a great bottle of red wine. I actually miss WANTING these things. Who knew?

Anyhow, I can list my chicken salad recipe, although nothing is measured so its nothing fancy!

Chicken Salad Sandwich

1 can chicken in water
Miracle Whip
Granny Smith Apple (or whatever type you like)
Cavendar's Greek Seasoning
Sandwich rolls (we use the Kroger one's, so yummy!)

Drain the chicken, dice the apple (minus core) and mix the first 4 ingredients. Place on sandwich roll and eat.

My big thing has been wanting light, cold foods - and this is perfect. I get the protein from the chicken and crispy, refreshing taste of the apple. And of course the carbs, gotta have my carbs. My DH doesn't do the chicken salad, instead he's found a tuna fish that comes packed in oil with some sort of garlic and herbs and makes it the same way. He says its the best tuna sandwich he's ever had - so if anyone is interested, give it a try.

Meanwhile, watch for a mix of restaurant reviews and Baby J updates in the future!


Cassie said...

So funny -- I craved pasta hardcore while I was pregnant, and I also couldn't get enough of chicken salad sandwiches! I like the idea of putting apple in chicken salad...I always do grapes, but I image the apple adds the same kind of sweetness with a lower water content to thin out the Miracle Whip. I'll look forward to your restaurant reviews!

(By the way, I tagged you on my blog, if you're interested!) :)

Cassie said...
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