28 June 2008

What, no pictures?

Farking home PC! Somehow at sometime, the internet stopped functioning on our home PC, which totally SUCKS since thats the only way I have to upload pictures, whether it is to this blog, to myspace, to snapfish, or to email. So, while we pout a little while longer since our attempts to fix it have not yet worked, I'll post an update but have none of the wonderfully fancy pictures I had hoped to add.

1) Our trip to Seattle to visit my family (and completely surprise my mom) went wonderfully well, aside from the chilly weather we weren't ready for. It was great to see my sister and mom and have some real vacation time to spend with them, instead of fitting things into a "holiday weekend". We went to a Mariner's game, Mt. Rainier, and wandered around at Pike's Place market. It was an action packed couple of days, but so well worth it.

2) My GD (sugar) test came and went - and I cried, but woohoo, I passed the 1 hr! Yay! So glad I don't need to give up the ice cream and fruit I've so come to love. It sure helps keep me a much happier pregnant lady. Luckily for DH, he doesn't have to worry about weight gain either, since he indulges almost as much as I do (thinking about our sundaes from tonight, ice cream by the pool, and so on).

3) We registered, which is so overwhelming! What's even better is that half of what we picked has already been changed on the registries, but so be it. I'm a little nervous about it all to be honest, a) because I know how much of a pain the return policy is at Target and Babies R Us - basically it boils down to no receipt, no return (well, maybe 1 or 2 items a year and even then there are TONS of restrictions) - and they don't seem to care if its on your registry or not and b) I've tried to add lots of stuff for lots of options, but as of now, the only shower I'm aware of is the one in Michigan (which means flying, so how much can I REALLY bring home with me?). I know we do get completion coupons though so even if we don't have a local shower, its still nice to have a place to keep track of what we want and the option to get a discount on it.

Another annoying factor of the registry is the patterns offered at different places. We started at Babies R Us, but then I found the stroller, car seat, pack n play, high chair, bouncer, etc. that I liked SO MUCH more at LoneStar Baby and Kids - which of course is not in Michigan. So, I've added items at both places and then got thinking (and had some people mention) that a place like Target would be nice as well, since some people don't have either of the other places local. Ok, so I added some stuff at Target too. And what the heck, its another completion coupon, right? Meanwhile, I know I need to add more that I have - like bottles - but I'm' so overwhelmed on what else I'll need! Bottles - I know we want BPA-free, but what sizes? And I've been told that kids can be picky about the nipples, so don't register for a bunch of one brand. What about sizes? And what if I breast feed - do I still need bottles, and how many? Argh!!! I'm at the point where I want someone else to just register for me and tell me what I need. (((giggle)))

4) Baby J's room - it is really coming together and I couldn't be happier! I've been very unsure of what to do about a dresser / changing table since I loved the matching dresser but hated the price, and didn't want to buy a piece of furniture specifically for changing her diaper and then have nothing to do with it in a few years. I mean, thats part of why we went with a convertible crib as well (and I know everyone says no one converts them, but dang it, I sure plan on it!). So today, since DH and I still are able to enjoy Saturdays together, we decided to look for a dresser. After viewing a variety of options online (several not much cheaper than the matching piece), we thought about doing something different - which lead us to Ikea. We found a bookcase, with square shelves, in a 4x2 pattern that matches the coloring of the crib. We are actually putting it on its side since all sides are finished and it is the right height for a changing table - AND we found canvas cubes that fit PERFECTLY into the shelves. It looks so much better than I first thought it would, I actually like it better than the matching dresser, who knew!?!? Along with that, we replaced the mini-blinds, hung the valence, and found this great piece of art as well - which matches with the color scheme and is modern enough to grow with Baby J's (or be moved into another room if she decides she eventually HATES pink). We were a wee-bit hesitant at first but as soon as we hung it, we were both pleased and felt it was exactly what we wanted.

So, with today's work, the nursery is probably 80% or so complete, and it feels GREAT. We know we still want some more shelving and such, but those are things we can get as time goes one, even if it IS after Baby J's arrives. My DH's parents have talked to us about giving us the glider they have, which I would recover in some sort of matching fabric (its currently blue). I think that is the ONLY big thing we have left to do - and we still have ~3 months left (or exactly 3 months if she was to arrive ON her due date, but that's doubtful!). No matter what, its nice having so much done and actually feeling more and more prepared for her arrival as far as the house goes, since I know when it comes to the whole sleeping, feeding, bathing, burping, changing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and such, we have NO IDEA how its going to be. I guess we'll prepare what we CAN control since there is so much we CAN'T control. :-)

In a nutshell, that's where we're at. Time has really started to fly by, and I can't be more excited! The second trimester has gone by a lot faster than the first trimester (although I lump the first month of the second trimester in with the first since I still felt like I was dying on a daily basis!). I'm hoping the 3rd trimester continues to sail on and I can hold little Baby J's before I know it. I think I switch from ever 4 week Dr appts to every 2 weeks at my next appointment, which will help make things feel like they are progressing fast too. DH wants to do those 3d / 4d ultrasound images, which everyone says we should plan to do in the next week or 2 (around 28 weeks), plus I might have a coupon for a free maternity photo which could be fun. Our child birth classes start in about a month as well. I've also had a variety of strangers ask me about being pregnant, as far as when I'm due and if its a boy or girl, which I love. I'm actually at the point of enjoying this (not including the heartburn, hard time sleeping, constantly peeing, and other random aches and pains - but its all minor compared to what I've been through). I even got to park in "Expectant Mothers" parking today. Now, if only they had that at the local Marble Slab...

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