05 June 2008

Evil email advertisers!

I open my email, and I see this:

Bam! I now want cupcakes. But oh wait, what's that? Its NOT a cupcake? I start reading the advertisement I got from Williams-Sonoma (yes I signed up for the emails, yes I choose to open it, yes I should know better, but come on, give a pregnant girl a break!) and I soon learn its a CAKE made to look like a cupcake, and they are selling the pan so I myself can make such wonderful looking concoctions.

So now, I have to have this pan. I MUST be able to make these, the most awesome looking cakes, with such little work. I think about all the combinations I can create - chocolate and vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip, chocolate and some sort of swirl - well, basically anything with chocolate is currently on my list. Go figure. I can already hear people swooning over "those cute cakes she makes" as I bring them to various events. I think I even have a carrier I could use to transport this without the top getting all smooshed.

But wait. I need to store the cake pan. And right now all my cake pans are stored int he drawer of my oven. Its full. Like, full to the max. What about a cabinet? Hmmm, those are all pretty full as well. I mean, my china platter is sitting on my table because I cannot fit it into any of the cabinets. My husband will frown when I tell him I want ANOTHER piece of bake ware. I'm sure his very first question will be "Where are you going to put it?" and I don't have an answer for that. But, but, but (in a rather voice I'm sure) its soooooo cute! That won't work. The second question comes. (((slumps in chair))) "Do you NEED it?" and I think we all know the answer is, of course, no. But, but, but ... but how much would Baby J's love these cakes? Again, my husband will just look at me, probably shake his head a little, and say "Well, if you REALLY want it..." and at that point, feeling slightly guilty for bringing it up, I'll know that he is right and I'll forgo the trip to W-S, I'll avoid their website, and we'll continue on as normal ... and the cake pan will miss me.

There's always my birthday and Christmas, right?


House of Brodt said...

LOVE this! I totally want a cupcake now!

Cassie said...

I am salivating a little bit, just thinking about giant cupcakes...YUM. You TOTALLY need to get that. After all, in 5 years Baby J will be in kindergarten and you HAVE to be the mom who always brings the coolest things for snacks!

Carrie said...

I did the SAME thing!!!

Megan said...

Put it on the baby shower registry!
A little girl will need multiple cupcake cakes in her early years!