15 August 2010

Orange Julius

Alright, who remembers these? I know I sure do! We used to go to the mall and beg our parents to get one, they were always so yummy and refreshing. Then, my sister some how got a recipe when she was in high school and we would make them all the time - in orange, lemon, and any other flavors we could. Then for some reason, we stopped and the recipe was lost.

Until a few days ago anyhow. While watching Food Network (as is on so often in our house), Alton Brown was talking about them - and the craving hit me, so I searched high and low for a recipe, and came across this one. Yum! And now, thanks to blogger, I am going to immortalize it so I will never lose it again.

6 oz Frozen OJ concentrate
1 C water
1 C milk
1/3 - 1/2 C powdered sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
10-12 ice cubes (or more depending on their size)

Blend all ingredients in a blender. My special trick was to then put the mixture in my ice cream maker and bring it to a much better consistency. Yum yum!


Seachelle said...

I know we have the recipe from your childhood around somewhere...but, now we don't have to find it! Thanks!

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