15 August 2010

Midori Sushi

Here comes another restaraunt post! This is one of these places the my wonderful husband and I accidentally came across. Midori Sushi in Irving, near the Tom Thumb and Four Seasons. The prices are great and the sushi is delicious! The atmosphere is casual, which I think is what help keep the prices lower than many other places we've tried. The have a lunch buffet that is not bad, but of course it is mainly rolls and not as much variety as we pick ourselves. However, it includes salad, pot stickers, vegetable tempura, mini cheesecake bites, and a few other items - so for the price, we can't complain. At dinner however, we pick a variety of items from the salmon and stick crab, to ordering their Spicy Tuna Tower which is absolutely one of our favorites! Plus, you get a bowl of Miso soup and they bring each person a free "daily special" piece. And what makes it even better for us is we can go, enjoy dinner, AND watch the Rangers game all in one.

Finally, there is another location over off 360 that is nice as well, but I still prefer the original. Yum yum!

It is a shame they are not open on Sunday because I could definitely go for some sushi now!