19 June 2011

July is THE month

I can NOT wait for July! CAN NOT!!! Anyone who knows me knows that July 4th is my favorite holiday, I mean, its summer, there's no school, we get a day off work, BBQs, picnics, friends and families, and, of course, FIREWORKS. Yup, I love 'em.

Add to all that how Scentsy is introducing this super cute cupcake warmer AND doing their Bring Back My Bar special in July, and I'm even happier. I don't care if this warmer doesn't match my decor. I don't care if I don't have a designated spot for it. It is way too cute for me NOT to buy, and it will be perfect to have out at all of Ruby's birthday parties ... and some of my own. Then there are all the Bring Back My Bar scents, I'm a sucker for special items, or limited-time only deals since last time I bought the Fresh Cut Grass an now I want more. So of course I already order the full bunch of scents so that I can smell them to see if I want more before they go away, and so I have them handy for Heather's July party. In case you're wondering, here is the list:

Banana Flower
Delightful combination of fresh, sweet banana mingled with soft florals.

Banana Nut Bread
Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts, and spices.

Sheer floral bouquet combines Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley,
and bergamot.

Coconut Palm
A blend of tropical coconut and musky patchouli with subtle green notes.

Cutiepie Cupcake
Sweet clementine and yellow cake batter with vanilla and sugary icing.

Exotic Vanilla
/Velvet Spice
Spice up your home with a blend of vanilla bean, jasmine, patchouli,
and sandalwood.

Fresh Cut Cantaloupe
Vine-ripened melon with hints of
juicy orange.

Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla with a nutty touch along with cinnamon and caramel.

Grape Granita
Sun-warmed grape and pineapple with undertones of honeysuckle.

Irish Cream
Smooth and mellow, highlighted with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Lemon Lavender
Inviting blend of tangy lemon and sweet lavender flowers.

Luscious Lemon
Light, creamy lemon.

Orange Dreamsicle
A classic combination of fresh orange, swirled with vanilla cream.

A masculine blend of ginger and frankincense with woody cedar and amber undertones.

Red Delicious
Crisp, juicy apples, fresh from
the orchard.

Root Beer Float
Concoction of old-fashioned root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Orange Harvest
Strong, sweet oranges spiced with cloves and cinnamon.

Strawberry Sweetie
A fruity delight of strawberries sprinkled with sugar and vanilla.

Tuscan Garden
Mediterranean floral bouquet, enhanced by cassis, apples, berries, and rosemary.

Watermelon Patch
Sweet, vine-ripened watermelon.

And don't worry, I should have more pictures of Ruby to post here soon! She's currently outside swimming with Grandma - swimming on her own without her floaties. And she's not even 3 yet. Amazing.

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