11 February 2007

What's new

I haven't made many "new" recipes lately, but I have a few planned for the near future, so be patient! I have an amazing chili recipe I want to make tomorrow as well as some slow cooker BBQ beef and a Jambalaya to try just in time for Mardi Gras - keep your fingers crossed that they come out tasting great. Meanwhile, we have been a little crafty at home AND added to our family with a new cat.

We picked up Tugboat Charlie (Tugsy - above) on Sunday Feb 4th - he's about 3-4 years old and weighs about 16 pounds. We brought him home, set the carrier on the floor and open the door, thinking it would take him a little time to get adjusted - WRONG! He immediately came out, sniffed around a little and laid on the floor. A few minutes later he joined us on the couch, climbed into our lap and started purring - and has been like that ever since. I was amazed as how quickly he became comfortable here. Now, if we could just get our other cat, Squeakers (below), to get along with him everything would be grand. Hopefully with time.

On this same Sunday, we were able to pick up our new dining table. As we were taking the pieces out to put it together, we learned it was not exactly what we ordered and had cushions instead of solid wood seats. At first, we were going to take it back but really didn't want to deal with the hassle nor did we want to wait any longer to get the new one, so we decided to just recover the cushions instead - I mean, this can't be TOO complicated, could it? We went and picked out new fabric, then headed to the hardware store to pick up a staple gun and staples. A few hours and a blister later, we were finished - and highly impressed with the outcome! One the right is the original cushion - it was almost a yellow and looked AWFUL with our decor. On the left is the recovered cushion, a dark greenish-gray suede like material - and looks perfect! My husband decided he liked the recovered cushion even better than the solid wood, which of course makes me happy. And what's even better? I have enough fabric left to make a matching table runner. Three cheers for a wonderful Sunday!!!

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