30 September 2011

A new day

What a whirlwind of a few weeks! To sum it all up, I am rejoining the engineering field on Monday and we are preparing to sell our home. We've been cleaning, decluttering, painting, and repairing, all while I've been signing and faxing and calling and emailing to get things ready for Monday. Add to all this chaos that my darling daughter turns 3 years old on Saturday. How did that happen? They really are correct in saying life is what happens while you are busy making other plans - it is amazing.

However, while all this craziness is going on, I made sure I took some time to spend with Ruby. And here is the proof:


Tuscany Villas said...

Going through this blog and looking at Ruby, I just remembered my childhood days. Really the innocence and carelessness has vanished away with the time. Miss those days..:(

jack69 said...

Just crusin' an the blog daught my eye. Good stuff. Family is nice. Espceially when they are the wonderful loveable kids. LOL
Take care and have a great life.
jack & Sherry in florida, full time RV'ers

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Kushuka said...

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Dee said...

You have an adorable daughter, she's so precious. I was reading your 'about me' and I had to laugh because I used to feel the same way. My cooking and cleaning skills have improved tremendously down through the years and now that I'm such a 'pro' at it,(of course, that may be according to who you ask), my email address is domestic goddess... LoL. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

How cute!

Two Ergophobics said...

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Back Street Bistro said...

Checked out your daughter swimming ...she must be good by now...She's got some strong looking deltoids.

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