07 February 2010

Random Ruby

Ruby's favorite activity is to put her dolls night-night. She learned this at school and the method is to put the dolls on their belly, pat them on the back, and say "shh-shh-shh". It is quite funny since there are days she will help her teacher put the other students to sleep at nap time this same way ... my little teacher's pet!
Ruby goes from happy to mad in 0.02 seconds...

Seriously mom, why am I wearing this?
This required fast hands since Ruby doesn't leave anything in her hair.
Playing "peek-a-boo where's Ruby?"
Cuddling her baby in the blankets great-grandma made for her - this just happens to be the blankets she always pulls out of the drawer for her dolls, so cute!


Cassie said...

That second picture is just priceless -- what a ham! She just gets cuter and cuter, Becky!

Missy said...

Mark couldn't get over how much she looks like you in the 2nd to last picture!

Anonymous said...

nothingbutcrumbs.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.