29 January 2009

Life goes on

I now get to see this sweet, smiling face a lot more. Sadly, after 9 years with my company, due to the economy sucking big time I was laid off. It's a bittersweet end for a lot of reasons. This job is THE reason I moved to Texas, so I feel as if a part of me is now missing and I'm a little lost. My husband and I will financially be able to manage for a while, but unless we can find some big ways to reduce our expenses, I will need to find something else and I have no idea what I want to do. On another hand, this is the age where Ruby really begins to start her learning and developing process, where she starts giggling more, sitting up and crawling, and all those other things that will be wonderful for me to watch and experience. While I would never have quit my job with our current situation, there is definitely a big part of me that is excited about staying home with her for a while - just don't let my responsible side hear that! My biggest concern when I got the news was how this would impact Ruby's health insurance since both her and I were on my plan at work, and this alone really made me feel sick. Luckily, my husband talked to his HR department who said that we can be added at anytime since I lost my job and coverage. Thank goodness. I know that everything else will work out, maybe not ideally the way we want it to, but we know what are options are and as long as we keep our eyes open on our situation, we should be able to make it without an issue. We know others who work with my husband and have wives that stay at home with their kids, so managing on my husbands salary alone is do-able, it just might mean moving and / or selling a car and such. Now, I will admit that if we have to move, I am going to cry because of all the work we did in the nursery!

Anyhow, life goes on and I know we'll be okay. It is tough times for a lot of people and while it sucks, at least we have a plan.

Oh yeah - and I've never been happier that we decided to go the cloth diaper / wipes and breastfeeding route. At least we know we won't have to spend any more money on those items!


Cassie said...

Man, Becky. I'm sorry. Would you believe that I envy you, just a little bit? Not the fact that you got laid off, but the fact that you'll get to stay home with Ruby for a little while, and that's a blessing.

You definitely have a plan and the right attitude. You guys are going to be just fine! While a baby sometimes makes things a little more difficult, it also makes all things look a little bit brighter.

I'll be thinking of you!

Seachelle said...

We are sending lots of positive thoughts your way...let us know if you need anything! We love you!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now but never commented. I'm really sorry about the job. This is a terrible time for the country. But, you have a great attitude and you get to stay home with your little one for a while. I am a SAHM and love every single minute.

On a completely unrelated note, I LOVED when you used to post recipes. I have tried many of them! Hope you post more soon! Hang in there.

Nanette said...

That sucks. :(

Lots of good thoughts coming your way!

Amanda and Anthony said...
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Amanda and Anthony said...

(Sorry, I made a few type-o's and had to edit and repost!!)

Hey Becky - you guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a tough situation, but it may just be a blessing in disguise. It sounds like you have a really positive outlook, and most of the time that is half the battle.
Good luck!!