23 April 2008

and I just *thought* it would be easier...

After looking through all the fun boy bedding yesterday, I figured since I knew I wanted pink, frilly bedding if we have a daughter, I could quickly find a few I liked. Okay, that part is not a problem. What I did quickly learn was the girl bedding I like is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than the boy bedding - think $200 vs. like $800. :-( The "Miss Princess" is my absolute favorite, but there is NO WAY I can justify spending that much on crib bedding and while the "Chloe" is not that expensive, I don't like it nearly as much. Boo hoo hoo! I guess I keep looking...

Miss Princess - Little Bunny Blue ($850)
Maribelle - Glenna Jean ($540)
Isabella - Glenna Jean ($390)
Coco - Glenna Jean ($390)
Chloe - Glenna Jean ($230)
Baby Ella - Glenna Jean ($430)
Alexandra's Room - Bebe Chic ($510)

1 comment:

jeanette said...

I would so want the carraige bed, Don't let Kelli see this she would buy it now and save it for later, then she would have all boys. Then again that could be even better because all though they cost a lot too you can triple the cost for girls. I am with you on the my princess bedding GORGEOUS!!!!