08 July 2006

A Wine Tale

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet has turned into one of our absolute favorite anyday wines. It is an Australian wine, which is wonderful since most of our favorites are also Australian, so that alone would be a reason for us to at least try it. To make it even better, you should be able to find this at just about any store that has a decent selection, basically meaning the corner gas station won't carry it, but any place that carries Shiraz has a good chance. Oh - and to add to the greatness, it runs around $10 or so a bottle, give or a take.

In my mind, this has a great flavor which I'm not used to getting from a less expensive bottle of wine and win's my taste test over the ever-popular Rosemount Shiraz (another of which is in the same price range and makes it to our dinner table quite often!). I make no claim to be a wine taster of any education, but I know what I like and thus far, anyone I've had try this has enjoyed it. One warning: just because it's Penfolds doesn't mean it'll be the same. I am not nearly as much of a fan of the Thomas Hyland and Rawson's Retreat varieties, make sure if you are looking for this that you do indeed get the "Koonunga Hill" bottle. If history proves itself, you won't be disappointed!

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Agritourisme Toscane said...

Thanks for sharing. As per my choice. I really love Tuscany wine.